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The fourth part of what has fast become a club night visual content phenomenon has arrived. London’s exclusive nightlife scene has never been so on point and this time it hits NYC. Going back to its roots (the brand was originally inspired by the NYC club landscape) comes Room Service: The Sextape Part 4 – filmed and based in NY with some of the city’s hottest talent and starring none other than creative, pioneer and DJ/producer extraordinaire Jodie Harsh. The eponymous brand hosts pop-up nights on the other side of the Atlantic, so stay tuned for more in 2013.

The track features is If You Ain’t Got Soul by Kris Di Angelis with fashion by Jeremy Scott for adidas, Chockers shoes, Slick It Up, Patricia Field, Charlie by Matthew Zinc, STUDmuffin and Vita E Liberta.

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room service the sextape part 4 by jodie harsh and thomas knights

The third part of, what is fast becoming, the iconic series of Room Service (global nightclub extraordinaire) sextapes has just gone live. The five minute short film, co-directed by nightlife legend Jodie Harsh and KARLISMYUNKLE favourites Thomas Knights and Marco Ovando stars Francois Sagat, Will Helm, Bradie Jay Glenn, La Pequena, Jonathan Agassi, Tate Ryder, Geronimo, Vic Banker and the eponymous Amanda Lepore and Jodie Harsh. The track featured is Boys On The Dance Floor by Waterson (Kris Di Angelis and Ben Dobie remix). Check out incredible photos from the club night shot by Dimitris Theocharis on Facebook and tumblr.

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From London’s groundbreaking club night, comes “Hold Your Wig” the sequel to the first Room Service sextape launched back in June of this year. Once again the short is directed the the inimitable Thomas Knights.

This time around it stars Jodie Harsh and Soho Princess and DJ Munroe Bergdorf in some rather humorous situations as an unsuspecting Room Service attendee (played by Nigel Meadows) attempts to piece together the antics that took place the night before. The film was shot at the W Hotel London and the track featured is Hold Your Wig by Kris Di Angelis and Tom Stephan. Stay tuned for Part III coming soon. If you’re in London on 29 December, one of KARLISMYUNKLE’s favourite fashion photographers Mariano Vivanco will be hosting the club night.




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