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KARLISMYUNKLE’s favourite stripper/rapper Brooke Candy
has delivered her latest offering in the form of the track titled Everybody Does, and it’s accompanying video directed by Renata Raksha.

Dazed & Confused has officially bought into the hype, dubbing stripper/rapper Brooke Candy “the gold armour-plated, trans-human fantasy girl of choice” – in part due to the fact that the magazine and media platform’s editor-in-chief Tim Noakes is executively producing some of Brooke’s content, including this.

The video was styled by Brett Bailey. Check out an incredible illustration by KARLISMYUNKLE’s very own logo designer Achraf Amiri under the cut.

brooke candy - everybody does

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Indie pop princess Sky Ferreira has teamed up with Grant Singer once again for the fourth video from GHOST EP – Lost In My Bedroom. With Everything Is Embarrassing nailing every “Best Song of 2012” list that actually matters – 2013 had better be the year of the Ferreira (and Britney, Gaga, Beyonce, Azealia and the rest of pop). In all seriousness, if anyone deserves it, it is Sky. Her debut studio album, I’m Not Alright is set to drop in Q3 of next year and is produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, Jon Brion and Blake Mills.

sky ferreira - lost in my bedroom directed by grant singer

2013 is off to an impressive musical start with Azealia Banks dropping the buzz single ‘BBD’ from her highly anticipated debut album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ – out on 12 February. BBD was produced by Apple Juicy Kid and Sup Doodle. The first official single from the album is titled “Miss Amor” with b-side “Miss Camaraderie”.

In addition to this, it is all but officially confirmed that Beyonce, Rihanna and Azealia will feature on Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP album track ‘Ratchet’. The artists have all dropped various hints on social media and Azealia confirmed it in a media interview last year. The track is produced by DJ White Shadow and the video is set to be the sequel to Paparazzi and Telephone but may be directed by Steven Klein as opposed to Jonas Akerlund (who directed the previous two clips).


The fourth part of what has fast become a club night visual content phenomenon has arrived. London’s exclusive nightlife scene has never been so on point and this time it hits NYC. Going back to its roots (the brand was originally inspired by the NYC club landscape) comes Room Service: The Sextape Part 4 – filmed and based in NY with some of the city’s hottest talent and starring none other than creative, pioneer and DJ/producer extraordinaire Jodie Harsh. The eponymous brand hosts pop-up nights on the other side of the Atlantic, so stay tuned for more in 2013.

The track features is If You Ain’t Got Soul by Kris Di Angelis with fashion by Jeremy Scott for adidas, Chockers shoes, Slick It Up, Patricia Field, Charlie by Matthew Zinc, STUDmuffin and Vita E Liberta.

To see all of the previous Room Service Sextape’s directed by Thomas Knights click here.

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 13.08.08

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 13.07.47

room service the sextape part 4 by jodie harsh and thomas knights

Styled by Grace Lam, here is Goddess Del Rey photographed by Wee Khim for an editorial in Vogue China. Lana wears jewellery by Lara Bohinc and designs by Mulberry, Masha Ma, Haishan Zang, Johanna Ho and La Vie by Ji Cheng.






Photographer, director and creative extraordinaire Alis Pelleschi (a.k.a. 3D SLUT) has teamed up with Yung Willuminati (William Wright – musician and genius behind the faux-Pope Twitter account ‏@Pontifex) on a music project dubbed Serious Thugs.

Here is the duo’s debut track ‘Link Ting’ produced by DJ Warlord, and video filmed by Racked Films and edited by Rollz Royce. The clip features appearances from Brooke Candy, Trill Spice, Bo Claridge, Labanna Babalon, Valentine Lane, Jana Babez, Molly Soda and Claire Van Eijk.

It’s awesome to see Tumblr gen icons truly come into their own with a project like this.

Serious Thugs- Link Ting

The official announcement is finally here. Monarchy has unveiled the first promotional image for their new single, Disintegration featuring their muse and collaborator Dita Von Teese.

The story between Dita and Monarchy is pretty beautiful, which is why it makes this feel really authentic, as opposed to a random pop culture collaboration…and it all started with a Tweet. After seeing Monarchy perform at Coachella in 2011 Dita started Tweeting about them. They began emailing. Monarchy was invited to DJ at one of her private events and it went from there…

The video (set for release in January) is shot by Roy Raz and features Dita extensively as the classic 1950’s housewife escaping the monotony of her marriage through sexual fantasy. The artwork for the collaboration (featured below) is taken by Ali Mahdavi (another one of Dita’s long time collaborators – who we shot the Wonderbra campaign with).


UPDATE: Here is the Mighty Mouse remix – released as a digital teaser for the track. Dita’s vocals are beyond incredible. I’ve heard the final edit of the track and you will be blown away, but cannot share it until the official release. Stay tuned – as the video is next level.

The campaign images by Tim Bret-Day for Hasan Hejazi’s capsule collection of three luxury evening dresses, inspired by Marina have arrived. In line with the creative of the fashion film (of which we saw a preview last week), the ‘Wedding Bells’ series truly highlights the incredible creative/muse relationship that Hasan and Marina have held over the last three years.

View the full fashion film featuring the track “State Of Dreaming” under the cut.

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Probably the most important/anticipated (bar anything that Lana Del Rey has released) music video of 2012 has arrived. Directed by Ben Mor, here’s the clip for Scream & Shout by and Britney (…bitch). The song itself is a grower. Britney’s British accent a.k.a. #Britishney (note the somewhat iconic gas station scenario from 2007) and the Gimme More sample of “Britney Bitch” are FREE OF ALL FLAWS.

The video is amazing. Britney channels a Stronger meets Oops! meets 3 cyber glamazon goddess, and GIFs from this video will be taking over your tumblr feed for YEARS to come.

Britney wears The Blonds and accessories by M by Maggnolia. wears custom pieces by Asher Levine, UNCONDITIONAL, Ashton Michael, JOYRICH, LaureLuxe and caps by ADEEN. The duo was styled by Enrique Melendez.

Future-pop princess Charli XCX just unveiled the video for Cloud Aura (ft. Brooke Candy) the lead track from her Super Ultra mixtape (which can be downloaded for free here). The clip, which includes pop culture cameos including Britney Spears, Lauren Conrad, Honey Boo Boo, Zooey Deschanel, Grace Jones and more is directed and cut by Ryan Andrews with Brooke Candy footage via Matthew Bowman

Brooke Candy is, once again, totally incredible – if you are unfamiliar with her genius – click here. The track is produced by J£ZUS MILLION.




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