After six months of having worked on this project, it gives me great pleasure to FINALLY unveil Diet Coke’s exciting partnership with the one and only Jean Paul Gaultier. The brand has appointed Gaultier as the new Creative Director across a series of projects this year including an incredible limited edition collection of bottles and cans (to be unveiled next month). JPG will also be developing online content, retail concepts and ad campaigns shot by Stéphane Sednaoui, across Europe.

To celebrate the launch, Gaultier stars in three short films produced by Wolkoff Arnodin “The Night & Day Serial Designer”, where Gaultier takes on a different role, from a therapist to a journalist and even a private detective. Each film heroes one of the Diet Coke puppets and brings to life their personality in a humorous way. You also get to see Jean Paul Gaultier play dress up – as you’ve never seen him before.

We just launched the first film with the second and third set to follow on on Friday and Saturday, so stay tuned to this post for all three parts of the series. Full details on the films under the cut.

Eleanor’s Thriller
Eleanor visits a private detective’s office where she divulges her experience to a gentleman sitting behind a shadowed desk. Themed as a 1960s black and white movie, the eerie clicking of the typewriter transports Eleanor into her flashback. She is in her boudoir chatting on the telephone, complaining to a friend that she has already fashioned every look and has nothing to wear on the red carpet. Upon hearing this, an arm dressed in the recognisable striped sailor’s jersey cuts her phone line and appears from behind the curtain, in true thriller style. After taking a sip from a Diet Coke can Jean Paul Gaultier approaches Eleanor and begins the transformation. Once complete she is dressed in a stunning, one-of-a-kind tattooed outfit ready to attend her film premiere.

Bernadette’s Romance
Bernadette visits her therapist to discuss her crisis and drifts off into a flashback. Asleep on her white bed, dressed in her feminine cream kimono her romantic personality is reflected in the setting. After over sleeping she wakes with a start to the sound of her alarm beeping and realises that she will be late for an interview. With a fashion emergency on the horizon, The Serial Designer comes to the rescue tantalising her seductively with a stunning gown, leaving her dressed to impress.

Irene’s Musical
Irene’s rock chick persona is brought to life through the opening image of her hosting a press conference. As the cameras flash she is whisked back to a memory of her dancing around to cheesy music dressed in an old t-shirt. Gaultier appears, switches the music to a rock anthem and begins her makeover. The music reminds Irene of her penchant for leather and her notable cool style. Once the transformation is complete, the heroine is once again a stylish star dressed in a sexy zip-up, leather miniskirt and ready to rock.