Oh look it is a Lana Del Rey post. Up until the album drops in exactly ten days time, there might be a fair few of these on KARLISMYUNKLE. To keep it short and sweet, Lana put 50 second clips of the final versions of This Is What Makes Us Girls and National Anthem – two of the album tracks that had leaked demos over the Holiday period. Production quality is off the hook, they both sound amazing. National Anthem is A LOT darker (note heavy strings and horror movie piano) than the fluffy (but totally enchanting) original version that made me want to drive to The Hamptons in a Bugatti Veyron in the middle of a NY summer.

A lot of fans are about to have a serious case of demoitis (what happens when you listen to one version of something so much that when it’s properly recorded it’s difficult to accept). It happened with the live to final version of Born To Die with the removal of the phrase “fuck you hard in the pouring rain” and the darker vocals. Check out both tracks below. Literally cannot wait for the album to drop.