After being shot literally eight months ago, the video for Nicki Minaj and Rihanna’s Fly was finally screened during the MTV VMA 2011 last night.

The award show itself was totally stolen by Beyonce’s foetus (yes she is pregnant) and Gaga’s entire evening playing her alter ego Jo Calderone. My absolutely gutted feeling on the Britney “tribute” can be seen pretty much word-for-word on MuuMuse. The words robbed, stolen, f*ck up don’t even come close to summarising how I feel. A 45-second long America’s Got Talent shit-show performance by some no-name dancers, followed by an acceptance speech that was more of a Beyonce tribute combined with an overly weird “comedic” skit featuring a lecherous Jo Calderone (it should have been Gaga presenting her, not Jo – it lost authenticity this way) resulted in some VERY pissed off Britney fans.

Back to the video for Fly. Super cool apocalypse-couture vibe for another (Willow Smith, Chris Brown, oh yeah and Britney) 2011 video (see the prime and Best Pop Video award winning example from the Holy Spearit here) directed by Super Bass creative, Sanaa Hamri.