Regular readers will know that I am a big supporter of Natalia Kills. Sales for Perfectionist and the singles Mirrors and Wonderland haven’t done her justice. Vocally speaking, the girl is incredible – she is also backed by a truly solid management and production team, so what isn’t working? Her last video for Wonderland had all of the elements of an avant-garde piece of perfect pop content (try saying that again), but still barely charted.

Granted, she doesn’t come off in interviews as all that authentic, and there is clearly a lot of pressure on her to deliver as an act (I know this first hand). Let’s hope that a collaboration with lends itself to more mainstream appeal and the recognition she deserves as an artist. The video’s release DID lend itself to the 6th most trending topic on Twitter last night – so that is something! Check out the “debauchery meets chainsaw couture” clip below. Natalia is wearing Jeremy Scott, McQueen, JCDC, Gaultier, Westwood and more, she is also playing at Punk this Thursday, for anyone living in London.