Speaking in legal terms, Gaga’s Born This Way was made available for livestreaming this morning via www.metro.co.uk – unsurprisingly it leaked all over the internet in HQ at the exact same time.

If you have any level of of love for what Gaga is trying to achieve, musically or politically then wait for the official version to hit iTunes (and all good record stores) on Monday. In the meantime, PropaGaga have launched a YouTube video with sharing guidelines for social media.

That aside, the album did just hit and if you had ANY doubts about what Gaga would bring to the table with Born This Way (which a lot of you know that I did – yes, we all saw the same album cover), there is no need to worry. Born This Way is off the chain and Gaga has beyond delivered. The Fame Monster was not the peak of Gaga’s career. Highlight tracks include everything that she didn’t leak of preview online – bar the two Mugler tracks.

These are (in order of track-listing): Government Hooker, Americano, Scheiße and Bloody Mary. My favourite being Americano – which makes me want to up, leave and move to Italy to live either the life of The Talented Mr. Ripley (without the murder) or a Bernardo Bertolucci film.

The key takeout of this blog post? Go and buy the album on Monday from iTunes or HMV, or pre-order it now from Play.com.