So last week I wrote a speculation post on how Nicki Minaj will be collaborating with Britney. This has now become official and the news got a whole lot better, as Ke$ha (who actually wrote the track) is in on the remix. It will be for Till The World Ends, and by the sound of things, it will officially blow S&M and Telephone out of the water.

The track will drop in two days (and sixteen hours from the moment this post goes live) and there are official countdowns on, and Nothing like a bit of collaborative digital marketing to make Unkle Karl’s nephew happy.

UPDATE: The track has leaked, like every other track that was due for release this year. This sh*t needs to be kept under lock and key a whole lot better. Sony, Interscope, Columbia – sort it out! The track is AMAZING. Nicki kills it. Lyrically off the hook.