So Lady Gaga posted the cover art for Born This Way on her Twitter and Facebook at 1am EST this morning. Make a call for yourself as to whether you like it or not, but in general, the fan-base/community/Little Monsters weren’t impressed. The credibility of the artwork was questioned by the masses – to say the least. Since the negative uproar, the post has been pulled disappeared from her Twitter and Facebook (the official sources – see screen grabs below). Although it can still be found all over the internet. An odd phenomenon, to say the least. I guess we will have to wait and see as to whether the image resurfaces (in an official capacity) or is indeed used as the official cover art.

Those of you that know me well, will understand that pulling a post like this is super unethical, from a digital PR/community management perspective – especially without any messaging or official statement as to why. The cover was shot by Nick Knight in collaboration with the Haus of Gaga and the album drops on May 23. If you still haven’t heard the second single, Judas that was released yesterday, click here.

UPDATE: The cover (as it stands) was re-revealed a few hours after this post went live, along with the Special Edition cover focusing solely on Gaga’s face within the shot.