NY-based electro-pop artist ΔNGELO has just previewed one third of the artwork for his new EP, Narcissus Drowned (amazing name!). He worked with emerging figurative artist Stephen Workman to create a triptych for the three paneled album art that features Angelo channeling his modern interpretation of the classic Greek Myth. Posing in three sessions – Workman captured a final image (the cover) depicting Angelo peacefully submerged underwater, crushing a narcissus flower. Stay tuned for the remaining two images and a preview of the EP.

An homage to the ills and thrills of vanity, Narcissus Drowned is shaping up to be a capsule collection of songs paying homage to Angelo’s entree into the underworld of New York pop music.

Hands Down drops Tuesday May 3rd, 2011. Become a fan of ΔNGELO on Facebook here and check out the artwork under the cut.

Hands Down Angelo