Following his Tweet earlier this month (that was since deleted), expressing his outrage about the plagiarism issues of Rihanna’s S&M video, photographer David LaChapelle has now confirmed that he is suing the Bajan popstar.

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Rihanna’s lurid and brightly colored music video “S&M” was “directly derived” from pictures taken by prominent U.S. fashion photographer David LaChapelle, he said in a lawsuit made public on Monday.

LaChapelle, who has shot celebrities for magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ and Vanity Fair, said “the music video is directly derived from and substantially similar to the LaChapelle works”.

In the suit, LaChapelle said Rihanna had appropriated eight of his images into the video, such as a shot where she is shown in profile against a blue background with a piece of candy on her tongue.

LaChapelle said Rihanna’s video copied the “composition, total concept, feel, tone, mood, theme, colors, props, settings, decors, wardrobe and lighting” of his work.

He is suing for unspecified damages. A spokeswoman for Rihanna did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Rihanna david lachapelle

Rihanna david lachapelle

Also it is worth noting that the video took more than just “some inspiration” from the work of 19 year old fashion photographer, Philipp Paulus that was published in his editorial PAPERWORLD last August.