The warped doll-like perception piece is definitely going to be making a comeback this year. Mattel’s profits soared in 2010 due to increased sales in Barbie dolls following the somewhat epic product placement of the doll in the movie Toy Story 3D. We then have personalities such as Nicki Minaj (a.k.a. Harajuku Barbie), the new adidas G.iconic campaign, and a the Barbie-inspired LOVE magazine spread with Alessandra Ambrosio that will be available in the magazine from 7th Feb. There is no denying that this is definitely going to be big this year. Maybe in the light of HD shoots and filming, brands and personalities are clocking the need for the vaseline camera lens appearance more than ever before. What this says for nouveau-feminism is still undetermined. Thoughts welcome.

alessandra ambrosio barbie love magazine