There are moments when you stumble across undiscovered musical gems, and when you hear Lili (all three versions) by the beyond brilliant Paris-based trio of brothers known as DMNDS, there is no denying that this will be one of them. The track Lili has just been made available for free download via the DMNDS website. If you are a fan of the darker side of electro pop, this is definitely one for you.

dmnds lili

I also had the chance to ask Yann from DMNDS a couple of questions about Lili):

Who are your musical influences?
Talking about current bands, I’d say M83, Gorillaz, Air, Phoenix, Archive, Radiohead, Coldplay, The Naked and Famous, Miami Horror, Sigur Ros, The Dandy Warhols, Benjamin Biolay and so many more…
But we also admire and get inspired by past bands like Pink Floyd (our name comes from the song ‘shine on you crazy diamond’. At first we were ‘the crazydiamonds’ then it became ‘the diamonds’ and now just ‘DMNDS’), Serge Gainsbourg, The Velvet Underground or even Dire Straits…

Who else inspires your music?
We’re mainly inspired by the work done by artists like photographers and fashion designers. More than people, it’s a sort of universe (composed by these people and their work) that inspire us. Among these people are : Hedi Slimane, Karl Lagerfeld, Chad Moore, Rick Owens, Christophe Decarnin, Boo George, Chris Heads (just to name the most important ones for us).

What can we expect in the future from DMNDS?
Up to now we have released 2 singles (Dive Into The Ocean and Lili (in memory of)) we will probably release two or three more singles before getting in studio to record a full album of about 15 songs. We cannot say to much about it but the whole concept will most probably have a great fashion dimension. Then we’ll try to find time to prepare a live set.. but that will be a second step (meaning it’s not going to be for soon unfortunately).

What is Lili about?
Well, Lili was someone who meant A LOT (there is no word to really describe how much we loved her) to my brothers and I. She passed away during summer 2009 and we thought writing a song for her would be the perfect way to pay her tribute, and show her how much she meant to us.
Besides, it was also a way to let go our sorrow, I guess. Writing this song was really hard for me, it took almost a year to finish the lyrics. I had started to write just after she left us but now that the song is recorded and that we like what we created in her honor, we feel better. We’ve sort of made her live forever, not only in our minds but in everyone’s, through the song.