In the early hours of this morning, the debut album from LA’s Ro Danishei dropped, for free. In the (slightly too similar) style of Simon Curtis’ March 2010 release of 8-Bit Heart, the End of the Rainbow is free (written by Rochella Danishei, produced by Jeff “Jadion” Wells, Shane Drasin), with the digital box art shot by Tyler Shields (starring Simon Curtis as the masked man) and even the website format has an uncanny similarity to Curtis’.

End-of-the-Rainbow-Album-Cover Ro Danishei

That said this ISN’T a bad thing. 8-Bit Heart was without a doubt one of THE best pop albums of 2010, and it is surprising that Curtis is still to be signed (or details of said signing are still to be announced). Danishei’s electro-pop debut album is pretty hot – in particular, the tracks Michelle (also featuring Simon Curtis), Blackout, Unlove Pill, Baby Doll and Prey to the Beat.

Ro Danishei End of the Rainbow free download simon curtis

You can download the album for free over at and check out the lyrics and full set of artwork from Tyler Shields. If you still haven’t downloaded Simon Curtis’ album, visit