Due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. being out of the country), I was unable to head to The Hospital Club in Covent Garden to witness the most talked about (and Twitter trending) fashion event of last week – the third installment of FASHION PIONEERS – a conversation between The Business of Fashion’s Imran Amed and ShowStudio’s Nick Knight. If you missed the live stream on BoF, you can view the 40 minutes of brilliance below. To read the summary post over on BoF, click here.

On the McQueen/Lady Gaga catwalk collaboration, Mr. Knight said, “Yes it brought the whole bloody thing down, but yes it made it into an event where everyone saw the power of it… He turned that fashion show into entertainment and that’s where the difference is. That’s why there’s three and a half million hits on YouTube. Making fashion into entertainment across the internet is the key to it.”

Photograph: © Nick Knight