So the US version of Queer of Folk was better. Fact. The US version of The Office lasted longer. The US version of Coupling fell flat on its ass. The sneak preview of the US version of SKINS (airing on MTV in January 2011) looks kinda like a rip-off, with exactly the same plot line and scenes. Apparently that is what “adapted for an American audience” means. I get how the pilot might work to that extent, but a whole series? For real? Am I still going to tune in/illegally stream it in January…probably. Am I going to keep watching it…we’ll just have to wait and see.


On the plus side, the digital PR around the series (bearing in mind it is two months away) isn’t too bad. MTV has launched a SKINS community, dubbed “a place to get involved, share your ideas and creative genius with other fans and to connect with the cast, writers and crew. Get first access to behind the scenes footage, video blogs from set, and tons of photos for you SKINS enthusiasts out there”. The Facebook page already has over 7,000 fans (at the time of writing this) and the Twitter feed has over 1,300 followers. MTV has also launched a SKINS US tumblr.

If you want to check out the preview, click here.