Never did we at KARLISMYUNKLE think we’d be writing “eco-friendly”, “Louis Vuitton” and “Bono” into the same sentence. However, here we are. Earlier this year, there were rumours flying that U2 front man Bono may be appearing in ads for the luxury brand. Unlikely as it seemed at the time, the partnership was given lifeblood by the fact that LVMH part-own Bono’s eco-friendly company Edun.


The ad (shot by Annie Leibowitz) show Bono posing with his wife Ali Hewson and are part of the Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign. Strangely, both stars are wearing Edun, not Louis Vuitton clothing in the shot released today. Perhaps an attempt to boost sales after the recently announced $9m in losses Edun made during 2009? Who knows.

– Maria