Thin is out. Beefcake is back in.

Today’s Observer Woman Monthly states how “after a decade of skinny chaps, thin is no longer in”. The cover of the magazine features David Gandy (of D&G fame) and apparently, “the most successful male model in the world.


There is a great paragraph on how fashion’s concept of male beauty has developed, strongly references Hedi Slimane/Dior Homme’s influence:

For nearly a decade, fashion’s concept of male beauty has been shaped by one man – designer Hedi Slimane. In July 2000, Slimane became creative director of Christian Dior’s menswear line, Dior Homme. Slimane showed his first collection for Dior Homme in 2001. It was here that he introduced a new silhouette. Slimane’s clothes were sleek and lean and clinging; his collections hinged on razor-sharp, super-tight tailoring and jeans so skinny they’d give Kate Moss a bit of bother. Slimane’s look required Twiglet-proportioned teenagers to do it justice; leggy, waifish, pallid children with hollowed cheeks and concave chests. No one else could hope to fit into the clothes. “Slimane would street-cast,” says Charlie Porter, deputy editor of fashion magazine Fantastic Man. “He’d talent-scout for his shows and shoots on the street and find skinny young 16-year-olds. He was incredibly influential.”

The piece leads on to state how in May 2007, Slimane left Dior and a month later, followed by David Gandy’s Light Blue advert airing for the first time resulting in lecherous blogging and ultimately a viral success. The piece also references Beckham’s Emporio Armani and Freddie Ljunberg’s Calvin Klein campaigns, concluding that, “it’s official. Size Zero man has had his day. Big boys are back.”


david gandy shower naked

This has also been reflected in the fact that last month, Men’s Health magazine reported a 4.1% increase in year-on-year circulation. This is epic considering the likes of Arena and Maxim have just folded and the circulation figures of other men’s magazines are rapidly plummeting.

[Image c/o D&G, full calendar here:]